Rupture: Phase 2
14.07.05 - 23.07.05

Lead Me not into Temptation
17.4.05 - 14.05.05

The Product Life

5.03.05 - 7.04.05

14.01.05 - 25.02.05


Jill Sigman
Rupture: Phase 2

14.07. - 23.07.05
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In. Juli 2005, takt kunstprojektraum presented a performancer/installation by artist Jill Sigman, Rupture: Phase Two.  This was the last exhibition in the first gallery space at Knorrpromenade 1.

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Jill Sigman
Video: Jill Sigman, Lisa Niedermeyer, David Fishel
Project Assistant: Katy Orthwein

RUPTURE: PHASE TWO is a part of a longterm reflection on breaking, loss, and healing. New York-based choreographer, performer, and interdisciplinary artist Jill Sigman creates a multi-media performance/installation involving live movement, voice, and video for the takt gallery. The work draws on Sigman's recent travels in India, a traumatic leg injury which left her temporarily unable to walk, and images of Berlin, recorded and integrated during the period of the installation. Sigman explores connections between the architectural 'built' world, the political world, and the human body, addressing themes of rupture, surgery, and division on a personal, national, and global scale.

RUPTURE: PHASE TWO blurs the boundaries between an ongoing gallery exhibition and a time-delineated work of movement theatre. Sigman will performatively inhabit takt for periods of 5 hours, combining explorations of ritual, endurance, and the live performer as visual object . The exhibition period will be punctuated by two evening performance events, which will allow viewers to experience a more sociable environment and to participate interactively in the work.

Jill Sigman is a New York-based choreographer, performer, and multi-media artist whose work exists at the intersection of dance, theater, and visual installation. In 1998, she founded jill sigman/thinkdance to raise questions through the medium of the body. Juxtaposing movement with elements such as video, text, and light, Sigman creates layered landscapes of meaning, often employing non-traditional environments, formats, and ways of engaging the viewer.

Sigman's writing on dance has been published in the Journal of Philosophical Research and Midwest Studies in Philosophy, and she has been a guest editor of the Movement Research Performance Journal. She holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Princeton University.

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