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See Juliet Fang in 11 and her works at takt artist residency 2011.

Juliet Fang

Juliet Fang

can't hold anything

at kunstraum tapir

opening: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 19-22h
open Thursday 16-19h

takt at tapir
kunstraum tapir * weserstr. 11 (corner to Müggelstraße) * 10247 berlin f-hain

can't hold anything

I can't own anything for real
I can't collect anything because I don't know where I will go next
No steady friends or address

I can't own anything for real, not even myself
The river is flowing out through my body, my heart


The loss I feel reminds me of vomiting.
Everything I touch will come apart when I feel a lack of safety.
(I am going to vomit you out of my mouth)
(Everything that has come apart may in the end resolve itself, but only in death).

Juliet Fang, 2012

Juliet Fang (born in Taiwan, lives and works in London, UK) is a visual artist who works with a wide range of media, including film, video, text, oil painting, installation and photography.
Her artistic practice originates from the feeling of loss as a result of the experience of losing someone or something close to her. The overwhelming sadness and the dissatisfaction she feels for the real world become her inspiration and are reflected in her works.
There is no intention to make the pieces out of loss, instead it is a natural and unconscious process of creation and, at the same time, a way for the artist to record important events of her life.
The works in the exhibition are all on display for the first time. They express by different media the artist´s main concern.
The photos and the video titled "can´t hold anything" represent the precariousness of her life and the feeling of not being able to own anything or to trust anyone. The works titled River, River II, River III deal with the physical image of the river flowing through the artist´s body as a consequence of a loss. It is a metaphor for the powerlessness and the deep distress that fill her in these moments and make her unable neither to live in the reality, nor to breath.
Although Juliet Fang´s artistic practice originates from an intimate experience, it encompasses some of the peculiarities of the contemporary society, especially of the young people. These are the uncertainties, both in the personal and in the professional field, the difficulty to react against troubles and to deal with the reality.

Paola Bonino